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Feeling stuck? Not feeling great about yourself? I help you to build your authentic confidence to improve your happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment. Through coaching, I help you to develop a positive and constructive mindset so that you can face life’s ups and downs to achieve your goals. You deserve to feel truly confident.

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Companies I’ve Worked With

WAITROSE & PARTNERS: Speaker & Trainer

A talk on “Building Authentic Confidence”

A talk on “How to look after yourself in your Medical career” with Professor Tony Hope
DEPOP: Speed Coaching

Three days speed coaching seeing 21 employees for the Mental Health Month

Starter pack for influence, confidence and decision making
HR MEET UP: Panel Member Speaker

On the panel for “Wildly Effective Coaching” event
TALENTFUL: Speaker & Trainer

A Lunch & Learn session on how to “Influence, Adapt and Feel Confident”


Read what others have to say about &hope!

Beth is a natural coach and a great listener. She approaches her clients with great patience and understanding. She listens deeply and observes, then helps to unravel the real reasons for any underlying issues. She has guided me through some difficult situations at a work place and gave me a number of tools to use at a work place with a toxic culture.

Anonymous, Financial Controller

Beth gave me the confidence to have the difficult conversation around salary negotiations. She provided great support every step of the way and I ended up with the salary (and job!) that I wanted.

Victoria, Healthcare Account Manager

Beth Hope is a talented, patient, emotionally intelligent coach who aided me through my interview process. She listened to my concerns regarding interviewing and highlighted how my self-doubt might be impacting my performance under pressure. She prepared me through several practice interviews ahead of time, during which she tailored questions according to the role I was pursuing.

She taught me how to structure my thoughts and have confidence in my own ability. When I went to officially interview I felt relaxed and confident as a result of the preparation we did together.
I am delighted to say that thanks to her help, I got the job I wanted. I can not recommend Beth highly enough!

Tamara, now HR Manager

I was struggling to decide what the right path was for me in terms of two job offers. It was great to take the time with Beth to talk these through and reassess what I really want from my upcoming career move.

Salesforce EMEA Trainer & System Administrator, , Travel Industry

Beth came and delivered a two-hour decision making, goal setting and effective team working session to my team. This equipped them with highly useful knowledge about how to recognise personality differences to reduce conflict, break down projects and complex decisions into easily manageable chunks and gain better insight into their own working preferences. My team have mentioned the positive impact this session has had on numerous occasions since with one saying that he learned more from it than from a two-day communications course with a different training provider.

Katy, Freud & Investigations Manager, Waitrose

Working with Beth helped me identify that the only thing holding me back was myself. With her professional, non judgmental and empathetic guidance I built on my previous learnings from past CBT sessions and was able to tackle situations that I had previously found difficult…or avoided all together! Thanks to Beth, I have a new found confidence in myself both in a personal and professional capacity; as a direct result I am venturing far beyond my ‘comfort zone’ and contemplating opportunities that I would have once shied away from.

Leona, Global Communications

It sounds like a cliche, but at Depop we genuinely care about our People. We’ve launched our own Mental Health Month which we’ll be repeating each May, complete with workshops and initiatives to support, inform and raise awareness. One of these initiatives was bringing in Beth. 

 Beth worked with us for 3 days, meeting 21 employees who each signed up for a one to one, 45 minute coaching session. The feedback we had from this was outstanding. This was our highest rated initiative with our people finding this a fantastic way to go in-depth confidentially on issues, in a short space of time, so that they felt boosted and gained clarity. In our feedback surveys, 87% found their session inspiring, 100% found it useful, and 93% would recommend it to colleagues. Due to the success of this, we are hoping to bring Beth back again later in the year and make these sessions a regular feature of life at Depop, and is an investment we are convinced in making for our people.

Chris, Director of People, Depop

Beth and I started our journey in May and the progression I have seen in my life, as well as myself is monumental. I am now at a stage of my life where I can look back and say I am bloody proud of myself.

Thank you Beth for this amazing journey, you have helped me get the answers I did not realise I had within, and develop myself to be a better version of myself. I will be continuing to recommend you!

**For the full testimony, please see the &hope Blog – Client Story: V, Designer**

V, Designer

I got recommended to see Beth by my sister… I’ve always had a problem with letting my mind take over what I wanted and feelings like I can never make the right decision. Beth directed me on a path to start liking how I look and actually making good choices to a healthy better me! I felt like I got a tiny grip of control again!

**For the full testimony, please see the &hope blog: Client Story – Alex Morton**

Alex, Colourist

Beth joined Talentful on multiple occasions to add value to our internal and external events.  The first was as a member of an event panel, discussing the topic of coaching, and the second was as a guest presenter for an internal lunch and learn. Beth was key to ensuring the dialogue throughout both events was relevant, relatable and engaging – thank you, Beth!

Senior People & Culture Manager, Talentful

I had a coaching session with Beth as I was starting to explore the opportunity to take a new direction in my career. Before our session I was filled with fears, doubts and uncertainties. After just a 2 hour one on one with Beth, I had reached a light bulb moment and I left with a clear goals roadmap and the start of an action plan. Beth was attentive, encouraging and pragmatic at the same time which was hugely appreciated. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Coach.

Deb, Head of HR

Wow what can I say about all the coaching Beth has done with me is beyond amazing.

I was in such a dark place and I couldn’t see a way out and in comes Beth. I saw an article about her and the work she is doing and from an initial consultation I knew this would be the best decision I ever made.

Starting my journey I didn’t know where to go especially quitting my job due to, too much emotional stress and my first session everything began to click. I felt truly the happiest after that session and as my sessions went on everything became clearer and so wonderful. 

Beth gave me tools I never knew I had and showed me that just by listening to myself more and giving the full credit my outlook can change and it did. I have managed to become so happy and radiate happiness to my family and friends. 

I have finally embraced the truest happiest version of myself which was always there just needed to be talked to.

Thank you so much Beth for everything.


I feel so lucky to have met Beth.  

I’ve been working with her for a few months now and she really is inspirational.  She has a talent for getting to the root causes to why I react the way I do to certain situations. If I’ve struggled to articulate how I’m feeling her questions are always spot on and provide clarity. She has helped me visualise the thoughts and feelings that block me from moving forward.  Then to come up with strategies to manage negativity and destructive habits.

Beth makes you feel anything is possible, is kind understanding and truly wants the best for her clients.

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