Client Story: V, Designer

V and I started working together in May 2018. We had 6 x hour-long sessions every other week. Hard work pays off and the changes that have happened have been amazing. Below V details their coaching journey:

Beth and I started our journey in May and the progression I have seen in my life, as well as myself is monumental. I am now at a stage of my life where I can look back and say I am bloody proud of myself.

As a chronic pessimist, I was very skeptical at first as I did not know what to expect. A couple of my friends had recommended that I book in to see Beth however I felt as if I may be wasting Beth’s time, since I didn’t actually know what I wanted in my life! Beth was very kindly able to reassure me that this was absolutely normal during our initial meet!

My first meeting began with a lot of verbal vomit on my end as I was explaining where I was in my life, as well as career. Beth was very patient and also a great listener. As my goals were particularly large and the route to get to these goals were (at this stage) very unclear, Beth had tools to help me talk about my true thoughts and feelings regarding aspects of my life as well as my job. This helped us build a foundation together to untangle the thoughts, and also frustrations that I had to certain aspects in my life. With this in place, Beth and I were able to work together to demystify large, and what seemed impossible, objectives that I had for myself. We worked closely together to bring me out of a stage where I felt stagnation in my career which was also filtering through to my life outside of work, due to a lack of divide between the two.

Not only was I able to now end my 12 hour days in the office, I was able to do this by finding a balance in my work day. I was able to plan all my tasks, and also delegate to the appropriate colleagues, thus allowing me to leave work no later than 6:30pm. This is the first time, for more than two and half years which has allowed me to get home no later than 7:30/8pm consistently to spend quality time with my loved ones. At the beginning of our journey this seemed impossible, however Beth helped me see that this was in fact very possible, without negative impacts in the quality or results in my work. Not only was I able to still continue selling/designing at the same level as I was before, I was able to have time outside of work for life and I was able to gain respect from my colleagues by making this change. This management skill has helped me currently but I am confident that I will be able to take this forward in life to help me create a healthy divide between work and life in any given setting.

Another aspect we explored and worked on together was my confidence in myself and mainly in my career. Beth was able to help me highlight, and realise myself, where I was and see past the negative (small things) to focus on the bigger picture. We broke the bigger picture down to help me understand the positive things I have done, which I had every right to be super proud of!

Following this we also concentrated at where I was and where I wanted to be in my career. At this stage this was very unclear, but what was becoming clearer and clearer in each session was the fact that I felt that I could grow and be successful, regardless of where I was based. Although I had began my job hunt in the beginning of the year, I had to admit that this was not a strong attempt on my behalf, as I did not feel ready to let go of the safety of my job.  I didn’t not feel that I was good enough to succeed elsewhere. By building my confidence, and by realising my potential and abilities, I was able to kick start my job hunt once more. I can now proudly say that I have got a new position, with a step up in a renowned company.

Although Beth and I only had 6 hours together, I can fully see the confidence and the growth I have endured in such a short period of time. I can end my diary log with saying that for the first time, in what seems like forever, I sat on the tube home one evening reflecting and I feel happy and proud of myself.

Thank you Beth for this amazing journey, you have helped me get the answers I did not realise I had within, and develop myself to be a better version of myself. I will be continuing to recommend you!

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