Perfectly Imperfect

In a cyber world filled with positive vibes, hollow happiness and more airbrushing than a magazine photoshoot, it can feel overwhelmingly like we are a failure if we are not ok and not perfect.

It’s ok to not be ok.

It’s great to not be perfect because you know what?

Nobody is perfect.

No one has a perfect life and quite frankly, thank god for that!

Perfect is boring. Think about the amazing intricacies and quirks we all have. Those funny little things that make us, well us.

If I think about my friends, my family and those people that mean the most to me, what makes me smile are the things they do which are just purely and unapologetically themselves.

That laugh they are embarrassed by but just brings joy to the room. That snort they do when something is just so funny they can’t help it. Those mannerisms that make them, them.

Those are what we fall in love with.

I had so many reservations with starting my own company instagram account. I wanted something that would spread positivity in a real way, not a hollow way. To put myself into my brand, to be authentic.

But the fear was there.

I am not a 6ft tall, leggy girl with abs to die for and insanely glossy hair. I am just me. Quirky, kind, sassy as hell and I wobble when I sashay around. I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope I can help.

Nobody is perfect.

You are enough, you are great!

When you find that inner contentment with the way that you are, you are unstoppable.

It’s ok to not feel great all the time. Being positive is about accepting yourself and your emotions, whatever they are, as they come. It’s not about putting on a fake smile and airbrushing life.

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