MBTI Report & Feedback

Learning more about your preferences and how to build on these as an individual or team!

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) report and feedback session.

MBTI is one of the most renowned and well respected psychometric tools used today, with over 6000 research papers done to test it’s validity and reliability.

MBTI looks at your personality preferences; how you work best, what type of situations you “flex” in and how you interact with others. It does not put you in a box, it helps us work together to look at your strengths and create a development plan.

In MBTI we look at four key areas:
1. Where you get your energy from (E-I)
2. What kind of information you prefer to use (S-N)
3. What processes you use to make decisions (T-F)
4. How you deal with the world around you (J-P)

We then look at your whole type and what this really means when we pull all the information together.

MBTI can be done on a individual or group level. This is a great starting point to increase team cohesion, reduce conflict and increase productivity. Areas covered within this can include: communication style, working style, leadership style, influence, collaboration, recognising strengths in different styles and stress reactions.

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