Feature on Culture Amp’s blog – 21 Top Executive Coaches you can learn from today

I was so pleased to be featured on Culture Amp’s blog as part of their “21 Top Executive Coaches you can learn from today” piece!

Coaching is so powerful but still something that is commonly misunderstood or misrepresented as it is still a relatively new sector, especially in the UK. This is why it means so much to be part of blog posts like this one. Culture Amp have done their research and it’s great to see such a fab selection of coaches, like me, from all over the world and showing the range of coaching available.

Here’s a little quote from me from the article:

“Beth’s Advice: “Coaching is a really powerful process if you are ready to work and make the changes you want. Be prepared to be challenged and see things in a new light…Coaching should be a great, groundbreaking process, so invest in the right coach for you and enjoy it! It’s the hardest work but the best work of your life.””

Check out their blog post here.

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