Client Story: Hardeep

Hardeep and I starting working together in April 2019. We had 6 x hour-long sessions over a 3 month period. Commitment to the process, honesty and openness has created fundamental behavioural changes in a short space of time. Hardeep details her coaching journey below:

Wow what can I say about all the coaching Beth has done with me is beyond amazing.

I was in such a dark place and I couldn’t see a way out and in comes Beth.

I saw an article about her and the work she is doing and from an initial consultation I knew this would be the best decision I ever made.

Starting my journey I didn’t know where to go especially quitting my job due to, too much emotional stress and my first session everything began to click. I felt truly the happiest after that session and as my sessions went on everything became clearer and so wonderful. 

Beth gave me tools I never knew I had and showed me that just by listening to myself more and giving the full credit my outlook can change and it did. 

I have managed to become so happy and radiate happiness to my family and friends. 

I have finally embraced the truest happiest version of myself which was always there just needed to be talked to.

Thank you so much Beth for everything.

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