Client Story: Depop Business Speed Coaching

Depop is the social marketplace where over 10 million users buy, sell, discover and explore the most inspiring and unique things in the world.

As part of their Mental Health Month in May, they asked me to do some speed coaching with their people. Below Chris, Director of People, says a little bit more about what they wanted to achieve and the impact it has had:

It sounds like a cliche, but at Depop we genuinely care about our People. We’ve launched our own Mental Health Month which we’ll be repeating each May, complete with workshops and initiatives to support, inform and raise awareness. One of these initiatives was bringing in Beth. 

 Beth worked with us for 3 days, meeting 21 employees who each signed up for a one to one, 45 minute coaching session.

The feedback we had from this was outstanding, with one employee saying “I am proud to work for a company that prioritises the well-being of its staff (especially in an area that is often overlooked – mental health). My session with Beth was instructive and inspiring, I really enjoyed meeting her and getting a taste of what life coaching can offer.”

This was our highest rated initiative with our people finding this a fantastic way to go in-depth confidentially on issues, in a short space of time, so that they felt boosted and gained clarity.

In our feedback surveys:

  • 87% found their session inspiring
  • 100% found it useful
  • 93% would recommend it to colleagues

Due to the success of this, we are hoping to bring Beth back again later in the year and make these sessions a regular feature of life at Depop, and is an investment we are convinced in making for our people.


It’s great seeing a company so involved in their people’s wellbeing and realising that investing in this pays! I can’t wait to do more work with Depop and see them keep growing. 

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