Client Story: Alex Morton

Alex and I worked together over 3 months. We had 6 hour-long sessions every other week. This is her story of how she found coaching and the impact it has had on her:

I got recommended to see Beth by my sister… I’ve always had a problem with letting my mind take over what I wanted and feelings like I can never make the right decision and having my sister explain to me the difference between a life coach and therapist there is a difference.

I was sceptical… but I was very excited and intrigued to what was going to happen and how it could change the way I thought and to see what I could get out of it.

My first session with Beth was a whirlwind of emotions believe it or not. My instant thought was paranoia of where to start “I don’t know what to say, will I sound mental? Is this gonna be worth her time?”.

I originally came to Beth because I was planning my move to Australia and wanted some guidance of knowing ‘is this the right thing to do’ ‘how do I break this to my family’ ‘will I regret leaving my job?’.

It’s funny looking back on how far I’ve come from that first meeting with Beth because it was like I never needed her to tell me what to say. The way she approached our first session was remarkable I felt I walked in and literally had word vomit and she didn’t look alarmed, she told me to take a deep breath and asked me questions that made me start thinking about what I wanted, not what anyone else thought or wanted to hear! And what gives me excitement!  

I soon started to realise I wasn’t being told what I wanted to hear or her telling me what to do but that as I quote from miss Beth herself “you have the answers, you just need to find them” and it was the best thing I ever got told! I soon realised I have the key to what I want in life I just need to stop being so scared!

She helped unlock that barrier!

From session to session we talk about many thing I feel any just turned 26 yr old (and at any age I can imagine) has demons with:

  1. Not pushing for a pay rise at work when most definitely is deserved! (self worth)
  2. Being scared to speak up to those people at work who give you that self doubt that your not good enough (self confidence)
  3. Making changes in life and worrying are they the right things to do and is that the right step in the direction your wanting to take (stop worrying what other people thought)
  4. Relationships
  5. And lastly what came a massive focal point throughout the remainder of our sessions was body confidence -inside and out

I wanna highlight that last one because I started to realise many traits I had were old habits I’d had when I was a teenager!

Growing up, with not such a serious eating disorder but enough of a concern looking back that I think some teenagers can relate to. Cutting calories down, being strict on what I eat and the biggest problem I faced was binge eating and throwing it up (I know that’s intense but I feel it’s what I felt, now older, a lot of girls did to make themselves ‘feel better’).

I’m not saying I went back to those traits but my ‘self love’ wasn’t there, I didn’t love my body and it was a subject that just randomly came about in our fourth session (because I felt so comfortable) after conquering work problems and self doubt.

Training my mind to think yes “I’m a boss and I can literally do anything” .

I was scared to tell Beth about my past with food because it was a point in my life that saddens me, but having again no judgement on her face and telling me to just let everything go and not to be scared we started on a path of how to stop these habits being regular!

From meal prep ideas to writing a food diary and most importantly not beating myself up if I have a cheat day or a moment where I smash a bag of Doritos. It’s about starting a new day fresh and waking up and thinking “yeah! I can do this” and again having Beth ask me what makes me feel good? It’s another question of “what do I like to do” it was all starting to click that no one can tell me how to stop self hating- that was down to me!

Beth directed me on a path to start liking how I look and actually making good choices to a healthy better me! Beth recommended to me great yoga online people but not only that but Beth’s encouragement to helping me figure what’s best for ‘me!’ Not what instagram or anyone else says is the right thing to do!

Honestly after that session I felt like I got a tiny grip of control again!

We always went over previous sessions and met in a place I felt comfortable… we met at costa in Victoria every other Monday.

I always looked forward to that Monday because I felt like it was a release to someone that doesn’t know me but isn’t cold. She listens and will be ‘human’ and say moments where she felt the same and it wasn’t ever feeling like I was talking to a ‘life coach’ it felt like I was having a chat with a close friend.

If some of the work Alex went through resonates, then get in touch to find out how coaching can help you to build a more confident, happier you.
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